What to Consider Before Investing in an ERP?

Though target fixation on sales and revenue growth KPIs, many businesses forget to finance this growth through investment.  One of the questions, especially among manufacturing companies, is whether to invest into an ERP system or not.   Acquiring an existing ERP system (or a new one) is one of the biggest investments a company can make, however many small businesses often claim they are “too small” for an ERP. (business.com) The fact is that in today’s business environment, no business is to small for an ERP.   Small players have to be better, faster and more agile then the established competitors and a good ERP can help.

Penang – Silicon Valley of Malaysia Offers Practical Solutions Against the Chinese Competition

Among the ASEAN nations, Malaysia is standing out as worthy competition to China’s dominating presence. For those unfamiliar with the area and market, it may come as a surprise that the country has relatively good infrastructure, well developed ports and rail, and sizeable investments in hi-tech capabilities. As a result, Malaysia (and Penang) is positioning itself to become the next choice location for large volumes of foreign investment in manufacturing and the next hub of electrics manufacturing in Asia – the Silicon Valley of Asia.